Bleakly Dim - How Soon Is Now?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bleakly Dim

From Google
Loaded, fully loaded
Shoulders heavy, laps bruised.
The world seems to have imploded.
Abandoned ships unused.

Enduring pain,
Unending agony.
Lost in stains,
Dreams sunk through the journey.

Point the gun at me.
Talk harsh and incessantly.
Pull the trigger and see,
How your bullets hit bleakly.

Look how the blue sky,
Turn dark and gray.
Words left to rye,
I get on my knees to start and pray.

"Oh don't you see?
Your children are in need.
Why don't you answer me?
You're the only one I must heed.

Hope is waiting,
Light is missing.
Darkness is emerging...
Oh Almighty! I seek only you and your blessing."

By: MsDearlady (Myka Javier)

    How ironic it is that I have said from my previous post that I cannot make a poem. Yet, I have proven myself wrong again. After enduring so much struggles from the past year and from this month (even if it has only been days after the New Year), I have found myself in a series of unfortunate events. And therefore, I have been sulking. Sulking behind my happiest smiles. Sulking behind my eyes that are shining bright and wrinkling at the outer corners. Sulking behind my laughs that I share with my friends. Wallowing up in my own misery - yes, that's how I've been feeling or doing.
   How do I stand on my own two feet again?
   Funny you should ask, because I have asked myself that very same question countless of times already. And turns out, it happens... eventually. In all honesty, I don't think that I am doing it by myself. I know that there is someone who is helping me, up above the heavens, watching me, and telling me - encouraging me - to be brave, it'll go soon. And I do obey. I hold on. Hold on as I wallow myself in His light; hold on to His soft hands. I guess He and hope weren't that far away after all...
   But sometimes, why does it feel that way?

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