Dark Pits of Obscurity - How Soon Is Now?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dark Pits of Obscurity

   The future was so exciting to plan. You see yourself ahead from the present, where you are going to be - where you want to be. Too bad fate sucks that it ruins your plan. Whatever happened to being right where you want to be? Whatever happened to see yourself be different from today? Can't we just at least get a hint of what's in store for us?
   No... That's not how it works.
   As much as I am proud of my friends who have achieved passing their dream schools, or even bigger than their dream schools, I cannot help but worry about myself and the dark pits of obscurity of the future. As of now, I have no school or college yet. And I don't know where I'm supposed to go. I cannot imagine myself where I'll be, what I'll be doing, and not to mention, I cannot plan for it. I cannot help asking myself the question, "What now? What am I supposed to do?" You know? People I know now are having a hard time deciding which school to go to, and here I am, wondering about nothing. It's just college, but why are we even making such a fuss about it?
    Okay, it's not just college. It's about the future! The college I'll be going to also holds my future! If I go to a good school, I'll surely have a good job as well. But now, I just don't know what to decide on. I hate being uncertain. I always want to be secure. If Plan A doesn't go right, I'll have a Plan B. And I do have a Plan B, but still, I couldn't be any more uncertain.
   I have plans to apply to CSB (College of Saint Benilde) and to St. Scholastica's College, not to mention the Reconsideration Exam for my dream school, De La Salle University - since I didn't get to pass. So yes, there is a Plan B and C, though I'm not quite sure which is which that I'll be going to - if ever I pass both.
   If that is...
   Right now, I do know where I stand. I know what I should be focusing on, and that is to pass the Reconsideration Exams. Like I've said, if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. People say that I'll most likely  end up in CSB since I pretty much fit there with my personality. Part of me says yes about that comment, but part of me also says that I still want to go to La Salle, and that I still have a last chance to. The Reconsideration Exam is the key... The key to finally achieve my dream. It's the last shot I've got. The last opportunity, if I don't get it right then it only means one thing: it's not meant for me. And if that happens, I know that I've got to finally move on...
    Cause' I've got nothing left to lose...

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  1. Whatever happens and whatever you decide, we'll always be here for you. :) And of course, I promise I'll help you review for your upcoming exams! :D