Without inspirations, I cannot make great art. And if I don't have any inspirations within me, then I wouldn't be able to write a novel! So now, I shall post the inspirations that I have used in the second book of my novel, which will be done soon. And if you're going to ask whether I'm going to publish it or even let you sneak a peak at it, the answer is hell no.
   You gotta understand that I don't want to show them just to anybody. I've only let two people read them. And the other hasn't even finished reading it ever since I gave it to her, which was a year ago. It's okay though, she's not really the reading type, plus it's only available in PDF, so why bother? Right? It'll only make someone's eyes hurt.
   Anyway... I've had tons of inspirations. From books, to movies, to TV personalities, to personal experiences, to other people's experiences... tons of them. One of the things that I have used recently is from Alexander McQueen's Women's Autumn/Winter 2011, and Pre-Spring/Summer 2012 for my character's dresses. I'm not gonna tell you why they're wearing these, nor say what's this all about. (laughs) But yeah, just bare with me. I chose these dresses because it definitely suited their characters and they caught my eyes. Definitely stunning and chic with the color, and how it was done uniquely. Not any dress that you can see in stores, and I think that is why Alexander McQueen is so great and talented.
Autumn/Winter 2011 - Look 29
Pre Spring/Summer 2012 - Look 22
   The white dress is really stunning. It was definitely the perfect dress for that character in that event. It's not provocative, it's mellow, and eye catching. Elegant and sophisticated. I don't think it'll go out of style because of its simplicity. Not to mention, if someone would wear it, it will definitely enhance your radiant skin. 
   And then there's the other one, the black sheathe dress. It's perfect for an edgy look. It suited my character in that event too. And it's something that I would wear as well. I love dramatic looks. Those sheathes definitely caught my eye. I loved it and how it  went all down to the floor, leaving a few inches of trail behind. And the gold vines lining up that top part of the dress. It's too stylish that even you don't have to wear any accessory. You'll just have to wear killer shoes and you're all done. For the hair, you can wear them down into big curls, or you can also wear it up to make your neck look longer. The matching color of black and gold makes the skin glow. 
   If I had to buy these dresses, I definitely would! 

Rockefeller Center's Weather Room
   So another inspiration that I have used for my novel is the Rockefeller Center's Weather Room (photo above), and it's just amazing. When I was searching for a perfect place for that event in my novel, I have encountered the Rockefeller Center and I was searching for their rooms where an event can be held. So I found this. The Weather Room. It's perfect for VIP parties, wedding receptions, etc. This room is so beautiful I just had to use it as an inspiration. Here are other photos of the Weather Room and see why I just had to. :)

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