The New Year - How Soon Is Now?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The New Year

   So it's finally 2012, which means it is the new year that some of us had long awaited since the previous year. And New Year means, as we all say, new beginnings. Truthfully, I'm up for more creativity this year, and my imagination in writing never fails me. I always have a burst of inspiration, and I honestly don't know where I get it from.
   As I have said ever since day one of this year, I had mixed emotions about 2011. Maybe because of the happiness that I have shared with the people I deeply love and care about. Or maybe because of the struggles, pains, sacrifices that I have gone through. Part of me wanted to bid 2011 goodbye before it even ended, and just look forward for 2012 - but that's not who I really am. I like staying in the present and deal with things than to just look forward to 2012 just to get a clean slate - to start something new. But regardless of those facts, there were only two results: it made me stronger and wiser. 
   So since it is the New Year, and everyone's buzzing about their excitement about what's in store for them, I'm only gonna tell you one thing and that is I'm not going to make the ever-famous New Year's Resolution. Making that goody list isn't really my thing, I mean, why wait for the New Year to come when you can have new beginnings everyday? Yeah, I know it's for the "motivation for better living" but everyday is a start of something new - and maybe as cheesy as that sounds, like a High School Musical song - it's the truth. 
   What am I looking forward this year? Well, there could be tons of things. Honestly, I'm trying to stay in the present as much as possible. Just by the thought of graduating High School this March makes me feel excited and at the same time, sad. Not only that, but by the thought of college scares me a bit, and makes me feel excited. Plus, the reason why I'm staying in the present is the fact that I don't really know where I'm heading for the next few months. Yes, most of the time I'm sure of where I'm going, what I want to do, and I still am. But I guess everything has a first time, and this is the first time I'm so uncertain of my future. Maybe that's why most of us are scared of the it. 
   There is only one thing that I've been waiting for that's why I sound so idealistic at the moment - if I can call it that way. If it finally arrives, I'm sure I won't sound like this... 

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