Happy Valentine's Day!


    So here it is... Tuesday. 
    Valentine's Day.
    And I'm here, celebrating it all alone. Well... If you can call that celebrating. *Laughs*

   True enough that I don't even celebrate this special day. Mainly, one of the reasons is because I'm single, and I shall intend to be until that right guy comes. Besides, I've got tons of things to take care of. I've got priorities and on top of that list is going to college and making my future. And the others go along with it, of course, like my passion in writing, singing and performing, etc. 
   Anyway, I just wanted to tell everyone that Valentine's Day is not just an occasion for couples, but it is for everyone. It's not about being single, or being alone, it's about the love you give, for yourself and for others. It's all about the love and nothing more! 
   So yes, mon amis, Happy Valentine's Day to you, to your lovely family, to your friends, and to your pets!! Spread the love! ;)

Myka ♥

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