Music Monday!

   I was inspired to do a "Music Monday" because of Maryse Ouellet's blog. I just think that it's a perfect thing for me to do on Mondays since I'm not pretty much a fan of Mondays. At least I'll have something to look forward to on those days. :)
   So, my first Music Monday will be one of my current favorite songs, and that is Midnight Dancers By: Wolf Gang. I had been looking for this band's album since 2010, and I found it just last year! Imagine how long I've waited because this band's so awesome?! :)
   This song was just perfect for the character in the second book of my novel, that I even used this song as an inspiration. This song is just amazing. It's definitely heart-warming and completely relatable. Check it out!

xxo, MsDearlady 

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