Music Monday!

  I woke up today because of my mum gushing about the 54th Grammy Awards. Too bad I didn't get to watch the whole show, because apparently, I woke up late and the Grammy's was in the morning here in the Philippines. So yeah, we can blame it on the timeline or because of my body clock or whatever. ;)

  This is definitely, a perfect time to for me to do a "Music Monday." Why? Well, obviously because the Grammy's are over. That means I have to dedicate this Music Monday to the one and only Adele, who won six awards! Isn't that just amazing? She just had a throat surgery and now she won like six awards in one night. Truly, she is an amazing artist. Her voice is absolutely phenomenal. And everyone were on the edge of their seats just to see her, because she stopped performing for a while to recover from the surgery. It's definitely a fantastic comeback. Not to mention, through all of that heartbreak that led her to write those amazing songs that everyone can relate to, she definitely deserved it! So yeah, thank you for the boys who broke Adele's heart because without you, she wouldn't have been this successful. ;)
Adele, holding her six Grammy awards
   Here's Adele's performance in the 54th Grammy Awards, singing "Rolling In The Deep." When I watched this, I felt shivers down my spine. I mean, these videos don't even do justice. And her album, "21" had been in my playlist for a long time! When she comes here in Manila for a concert, I will do anything to watch it! ;)
   What's your favorite song from her album? ;)


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