Music Monday!

   Okay, so since I was practically busy last Friday that I actually forgot to do a Fashion Friday, and my computer's been dead last Saturday and was only fixed yesterday, I didn't get to use it because I was taking my exams at CSB. So now, I'm finally back doing my Music Monday, which is today! :) Oh, and I'll be doing a Fashion Friday on Friday to make up for it.
   Today, I want to share to all of you what I'm currently raving about on my current playlist. The song is called "Pickin' Up The Pieces" by the band called, Fitz and The Tantrums. I just discovered this great band from Gossip Girl, I think, since they've used one of their songs from one of their most recent episodes this season. And they just blew me away. The band's songs got this retro - feel-good - vibe to it, and it's just amazingly catchy. And since I am a big fan of the Jackson 5, I just think that this band really caught me because they've chosen something not all would choose, especially now in this modern age! Not to mention, the lead vocalist's voice is just exquisite! Their album just released last 2010, but still, when I heard their album, I was like, "Why didn't I know this band?" But anyway, they're just great. I love catchy songs, with feel-good vibes with it. So check it out! Below is the album version, and two live versions where you can hear their amazing melodies and retro-vibe tune! ;)
   Tell me what you think! ;)

(Pickin' Up The Pieces By: Fitz and The Tantrums)
(Fitz and The Tantrums Live From Daryl's House with Daryl Hall)
(Fitz and The Tantrums Live at Studio Sessions)

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