This Post Is An Excuse For Me To Not Do What I Have To Do... *Bow*

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   I really have to do something right now. Like seriously, I have to study for my entrance exams on Sunday, and yet, I am doing this just for me to have an excuse to not do what I really have to do - as shown from the title above. And apparently, this post is about me talking about my "procrastination" issues. I mean, don't we all have the same issue at hand? 
   Whenever I have to do some school work, or when I have to study for something, I find myself doing other things, mainly because I don't want to do them or I'm just too lazy to do so. Though, from time and time again, just so I can be finished with school work - e.g. homework - I do it early so I can get on with doing my "thing." Now, I don't really know whether I am lazy with schoolwork or not, yet again, I am finding myself being one. Clearly, I am in a juxtaposition. With the fact that when it comes to doing the things I like to do, I just get right on it, feeling so energized, and excited for me to be done with it. But when it comes to doing things that I don't want to do - especially with schoolwork - I just don't want to do it at all. 
   But that's the hard thing. For example, right now, I've only got two days left for me to study for my entrance exams on Sunday, and here I am, fumbling over things that I am not even supposed to do! It's frustrating, really. And aggravating, of course. From time and time again, I tell myself to just get up and do it, because it needs to be done, yet my body doesn't follow, and then my mind says, "Ah... I'll do it later," like it's recorded or something. 
   The good thing there is that most of the time, I push myself, you know? I always believed that when you work hard on it, when you drive yourself to anything just to succeed, you will. But of course, there are times when even I cannot push myself to do something. What more when people push me for something they want me to do? 
   Alas, I cannot let my other lazy-assed self win. I have to fight to win it. It is for my own benefit anyway, right? Still, I am finding ways to energize myself when it comes to studying (if I really need it, that is), yet I cannot find any. As much as I love learning new things, and that feeling you get when your head learns something new, like it weighs heavier with important and smart substances, I just cannot find myself raving for it. True enough, that I really do want to study the language, French, and that I've tried to do self-study (which really works, by the way, because that's how much I really wanted to learn), but why can't I find the enjoyment of learning French to, I don't know, like Math or something? 
   Sigh. Again.
   I'll try to find some sort of a solution to this. For now, I shall continue driving myself. And if I do find a solution, you will definitely be the first to know. ;)


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