Falling Into Place

   Everything's starting to fall into place. And I cannot tell you how much of a relief it is. Ever since the year started, I felt as if I was suffocating, and it's put so much weight on my shoulders. From the previous year's struggles, I've continued to bring it with me and I haven't exactly let it go.
   Until now.
   When everything's falling into place. When everything that you've waited for is finally here. Today, I was in a deep slumber after I got home from a family affair - since it is Sunday today, which means it's Family Day - my friend, Pam, called me and told me that the CSB results are finally up. And I was surprised, because I knew it wasn't until tomorrow. So, I was like, okay, I'll check it out. But she seems to be more excited than I am, and she blurted the big surprise out.
   And since my mind was still half asleep. I wasn't exactly processing it, but it came seeping through my senses that I did finally pass. So, I immediately went to the site to check it out. And yes, t'was true. I cannot feel more elated, you know? And yes, my guts were right again! From the moment I started thinking about it, my guts were telling me that I'll pass, and that I was meant to be there. I still cannot believe it, really. Plus, I definitely need to trust my gut-feelings you know? It can come in handy, yet sometimes it can screw me.
   Here's the proof...
   And it's true that I don't need further proof, but I just had to put it there. I still cannot believe it. I know that some people who are reading this, think that passing CSB is no big deal because it's easy, and whatever. But, if you had gone through what I have gone through, all the messed up thoughts and decisions, all the pains of not passing to your dream school, and all the negative thoughts about having no future since everyone around you has, you'll probably understand that this small thing can be a big thing. And I definitely cannot screw college up because that's where my future starts. That's the big step that I have to take. 
   I cannot feel anymore blessed. My prayers are finally answered one by one. I've got one last thing that I've been waiting for a year now. Of course, I will keep my mouth shut about it. I really cannot thank God enough for this. I know that sometimes He seems so far away when everything gets hard, but good things come to those people who trust and have faith in Him. Not to mention, good things come to those people who wait. 
   And I definitely need to learn how to be more patient and to be more susceptible. ;)



  1. Congratulations! I'm glad you're going to the university that you're really interested in.

    I don't mean this to be offensive, but you don't look like a high schooler :O You look more of like a young lady. :)

    Good luck!

    1. Well, it's more of a College than a University.. But thanks anyway. ;) Oh, and I get that a lot, so it's okay. Hahaha. ;)

      Good luck to you too!


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