"I Like Violet Eyes..." (Music Monday!!)

I like violet skies
I like rain upon the window panes
I like following the ghosts that call your name...
I like shooting arrows in the dark
I like driving nails into your heart
I like violet eyes, it's all your fault...

   I've recently discovered this band called, My Gold Mask. And I had been in love with their song, "Violet Eyes" which was used as a soundtrack from Gossip Girl, Episode 6, Season 5. The song's amazing really, I cannot even describe it. Once I heard it, I immediately got hooked up, and I cannot help but nod to its tune. The other day, I searched for the lyrics then started singing along, until today, I was singing the chorus at school (since that's the most catchy part) and got the LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with it. Dane, started LSS-ing along with me even though she hadn't even heard the whole song, and we were both singing it for the whole day today. It's funny, really. I just can't help it. ;)

   Here's the video:


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