Music Monday!

   Hello darlings!
   I've had another stressful Monday! Not to mention, this day was filled with adrenaline rush and pressure. I had to take on our last examination test for our Senior year, and I just took like seven subjects - all in one day! Imagine how much stress I had myself in? So anyway... I had a hard time choosing a song for today's Music Monday. I was literally on my current Playlist file, I was scrolling down with my eyes closed and just choose whatever the song that I clicked. Then again, I thought that technique sucked, because the songs that played didn't entirely fit for today, so I thought that I should just stick to my old plan since I had the song planned out, of course.
   Now, since our Summer Vacation's coming up, and we need some feel-good songs around, I chose the song called "Oscar Enzina" by this band called Jet Horns. And yes, it was used in Gossip Girl Season 5's Episode 16 which is one of their most recent episodes. Seriously, where else would I find great songs? Truly, I cannot thank their Music Director enough for discovering such great songs and bands!
   Anyway, if you're up for some feel-good vibe and fun, check it out! ;)

   For better listening, check out their MySpace page here! ;) 


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