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   This day had sucked. It started great really, but as it progressed it got worse and worse.
   Today's event at school was the Oratorical/Declamation Contest. I made it to the top three since we Seniors were going up against with the Juniors. And only one Junior made it to the top-three-to-compete-spot. My other opponent was my friend, so I didn't really look at him as if he was my opponent at all. We were given "Mark Antony's Eulogy" by William Shakespeare as a piece since February. One day, my English teacher called me in front one time, she asked me to deliver but I haven't memorized it yet, not to mention, I wasn't even prepared at all. I was left appalled. She told me, "I expect more from you," in front of the entire class which left me a bit embarrassed and pissed off. So I was like, "I'll show you! I'll shove it in your face," since she did piss me off. Then, I ended up memorizing the piece in one night, because I was that ready to pull off the best I can. The next day, when she called me to deliver, I went in front and delivered oh so very well.
   And today, I did my best as well. I had put so much effort and I wasted so much time to deliver the best as I can. No doubt that I did. And it's not that I'm trying to sound cocky or arrogant, but I just know I did deliver well because I had put so much effort in it. Yet, today, I was only placed in the second, and I was tied with my Junior opponent. My friend won, when he didn't even want to participate in the contest, when he didn't put much effort and wasted so much time on it. There is no doubt that I am in rage today. And certainly, there is no doubt at all, that I am not angry with the fact that my friend won. In fact I am absolutely fine with it, and that I was happy that it was placed to him to carry our Seniors' legacy. But, I am most certainly infuriated with the fact that the judges had a messed up criteria.
   One of the judges (aka. our principal) told me that Jak (my friend) and I delivered very well. She also said that they had a hard time judging us. She then addressed me saying, "But he has a low voice and that adds points, and he's a guy..." with a gigantic smile on her face. Since I was humble and composed by that time, all I can do is smile, and all, since my friend and I found the results rather shocking and funny. We talked about it earlier as the Junior delivered on the stage. We were telling each other that one of us will be the winner, as I insisted that he'll be the winner and he insisted that it'll be me. When the results were announced, all I can do is laugh and he was like, "WHAT?"
   Anyway, since our principal said that, I just had to know whether it was true. If I was indeed, "robbed." So when I got home from school, I immediately ranted on Twitter, and figured that I should search the real criteria for judging for Oratorical contests. And yes, I found some. I even found a PDF link for this guide to an Oratorical Scholarship thing from the United States! And yes, there was no specific statement saying that low voices get additional points. And yes yes yes, I am very much pissed right now.
   My research only proves how much of a LIE that statement was. And I have proven that I was indeed ROBBED. 


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