Battling Writer's Block.

   It has been almost two months since I have started writing the third book to my novel. And yes, it has also been almost two months of me, battling writer's block. I had stopped, obviously, after the first and second chapter - which I haven't even finished yet as well - because my mind had tons of inspirations upon working on my The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction. In fact, I had been too stuck to figure out when the story will finally lead me. And when I'm on my writer's block, I just let it be until I finally get some inspiration because I absolutely hate squeezing my brains out for them.
   Fortunately, I have finally figured it out. And no, I haven't started writing, but after I'm finished with this post, I will. Truthfully, I don't know where I picked up the idea, but for days my fingers had been itching to write something. At first, I thought it was just because of my daily doze of drama from the realities of my life, so I wrote on my journal (yes, I do have one), just to get some anxiety out. Then of course, there was the Fan Fiction, which I have successfully finished in two days and already posted the fifth chapter, and then there's the previous post that I had made for this blog. Yet, my desire of writing something hadn't been sufficed by those things. In fact, haven't I been engaging myself in too much writing already? True enough that I have bailed on drawing (I stopped doing it for years now) because I haven't quite been practicing, and whenever I draw, I think it's ugly, so I just put it to rest.
   So I guess, writing is the only thing that's left for me. I honestly don't know why I'm exactly fond of it, but for me writing is like reading a book, it gives me an out-of-reality experience where I can just drive the whole story with my own fantasies and ideas - I'm in charge of something. Not only that, but as I have written in this post, it looks like it gives me fulfillment - turning words into life.
   And I think I should probably stop with this post right now, and get to my novel. There had been too many delays for days already, I better get it on! ;)

- Myka

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