Gossip Girl Click and Drag Game

  And here's another one! What do you know?!
  A Gossip Girl Click and Drag Game, this is gonna be lots of fun. I mean, I just tried it out and I had amazing results! (*lol). Found it again on Tumblr. Summer ennui really is killing me. ;)

My Results:

Lover: Nate Archibald (HELL YEAH)
Best Friend: Blair Waldorf (YES)
Love Interest: Nate Archibald :">
Enemy: Georgina Sparks (Not a surprise)
Crushing On You: Chuck Bass (MEHEHEHEHEHEHE)
First Kiss: Nate Archibald
Love of my Life: Chuck Bass 
Frenemy: Serena van der Woodsen (AHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass? 

Outside I'm like:

But inside, I'm like: 

And like:

Need I say more? Post me your results! ;) Oh, and I can't help but laugh because Serena's my worst enemy. I hated her in the book (no offense), and she irritates me in the TV show, but I still love her all at the same time. Yet, Blair's still number one. ;) 



  1. Here's what I got:

    Lover - Nate Archibald
    Best Friend - Nate Archibald
    Love Interest - Chuck Bass
    Enemy - Georgina Sparks
    Crushing On You - Chuck Bass
    First Kiss - Chuck Bass
    Love Of Your Life - Chuck Bass
    Frenemy - Dan Humphrey

    *Hates Dan more than ever. Sorry. I like him when he was with Serena. Nate and Chuck = <3

    1. Well, I don't like Humphrey from the very beginning. I thought Blair and I, not only share some aspects, but share the same hate for him. :)) Turns out, I was wrong. :))


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