Holy Week

  Another week has begun, and that means that the Holy Week is over.
  Frankly, instead of me having a peaceful and solemn week, I had a rough one - full of emotional spirals - which I have come to hate because those were downturns and not happy emotions whatsoever. But I had survived the Holy Week - the week where we express our grief for Jesus Christ's suffering to save us.
   There is no doubt that I had issues of my own. But that reason is more important than my issues. Plus, I had been rather busy since my mother had been sick last Tuesday-Wednesday, so I had to take care of her, not to mention, I had choir practices for the Easter Vigil. I didn't know where to place myself really, because I was actually needed on both of the sides that sometimes I wish I can cut my body in half! Though, my own suffering had been paid off - thank God. Easter Vigil mass was successful for the choir, I cannot really express how happy I am about it.
   Last Friday, my family and I went to Manila Cathedral for the Station of The Cross, and then we went to San Agustin church for the lovely museum where they display historical pieces from the church. Here are the photos. :)

Ready for the day

Walking the streets of old Manila :)
My sister and I
Manila Cathedral

My nephew and my mum

My sister and my nephew

At San Agustin Church
Inside the museum of San Agustin Church - look how old it is!
Old stairs of San Agustin church
My mum playing with the displays
Inside San Agustin Church

Old bell
Across the street from San Agustin Church

My nephew and I at the Shawarma Snack Center

My adorable nephew

The tenors and basses during the Easter Vigil mass last Saturday
The altos

L-R: Regina, Tita Yollie, and KC
Took this photo after the Easter Vigil mass

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