Book Review: The Vampire Diaries - The Return Trilogy Review

   I have finally finished the third book of The Return Trilogy which is entitled, "Midnight." So I guess, it's time for me to make a review about the trilogy! :) And yes, it's such a wonderful, action-packed trilogy. Just when you thought that vampires are only meant to exist on Earth, this trilogy makes you go deeper into the realm of the supernatural. I mean, the first four books (or two, since it was originally that way, but I had the edition where it was divided into four) had powerful vampires, and other troubles liked death or the suspicions on what Stefan Salvatore really was, etc. It was pretty normal, but The Return Trilogy definitely is unique and amazing!
  • The Return Vol. I: Nightfall 
     This is when Elena came back to life after Klaus' attacks from the previous book. But then another attack was made and it's more powerful than an Old Vampire. The attacks came from malachs - which looks like an insect, or something - and they possess people which harms, and brainwashes people. The malachs came from fox-spirits called kitsunes and they are evil. They manipulate people as they use the malachs to destroy the town. This book is definitely breath-taking! It was so full of adventures that even the characters were so exhausted from running and running and running that they're knees were giving up. As a reader, I felt as if I was the one who was running. And it's as if I was exhausted from reading what they were doing. I was taken away - no doubt about that.
  • The Return Vol. II: Shadow Souls
     This is my favorite out of three. Why? Well, in the first volume, Stefan wanted to be a human so the kitsunes tried to help him and only tricked him. So Stefan was imprisoned in the Dark Dimension. Damon, who was also fooled by the kitsune as well, wanted to help Elena to get Stefan out of the Dark Dimension. And that's where this second volume begins. This is my favorite because of Damon, since he is my favorite character, and in this volume, he was the protagonist. Not only were there chapters of his point of view, but he and Elena shared some uber-blushing moments as they traveled to Arizona to get to the gate of the Dark Dimension. I saw different sides of Damon, who tend to be vicious, menacing, cruel, and deadly, but can be soft, loving, and caring - which makes me love him more! :) Of course, this was another action-packed book. Big thumbs up!
  • The Return Vol. III: Midnight
     The last book of the trilogy. Elena, and Damon had been successful in the end. They got Stefan out of the Dark Dimension, but that wasn't the last card to draw. They had to defeat the kitsunes who had possessed all the kids and they controlled them as they created the "Last Midnight" where the kids will be killing their parents and the town will finally be destroyed for good. The kitsunes have star balls which contains fluid full of their powers, and magic keys. The magic keys are truly amazing. You say where you want to go, put the key in the keyhole to unlock the door, open it, and you'll see the place you want to go! They had to find the other star ball to finally destroy the kitsunes, and save their town. 
   I won't mention the other interesting parts and of course, the ending. When I nearly finished this book last night, I nearly dreaded the fact that Damon died! And I was like, if he doesn't live again, I swear to God, I won't buy the next trilogy! (*lol) And of course, I won't say what happened next. It was another action-packed book. The whole trilogy was and I loved it so much! I don't ever regret buying The Vampire Diaries. After I watched the first season of the TV Show which is way more different than the books - but it's okay, since the show is amazing as well - I knew I just had to buy the books. Not only that, but it tickled my interest since I heard that Twilight rigged a few plots from The Vampire Diaries (the part that Stefan Salvatore was feeding on animal blood just like Edward Cullen and his so-called family does and the part that the Vulturi in Twilight is like the Old Ones aka. Old/Original Vampires in The Vampire Diaries) and I just had to find out if it was true. I read Twilight, but I stopped in the ninth chapter of New Moon. I was so sick of Bella's clingy whining about Edward leaving her, and blah.
   Cue the eye roll. 
   Yet, for me, The Vampire Diaries stood out the best. The series started at 1993 - just like Harry Potter, and I only knew about it right now since I ignored it every time I passed by it at the bookstore! It's my opinion, it's okay if you don't think so. But anyway, it's a great series, and I surely cannot wait to buy the next trilogy called, "The Hunters." I just got a hint from the last volume that the next trilogy is about "Vampire Hunters." And yes, I so cannot wait! ;)

The Return Trilogy

My whole The Vampire Diaries collection
   If this review tickled your interest and curiosity, then my work here is done! ;) 

- M

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