La Patience.

   The title is French for “Patience.” And yeah, maybe I should just put “Patience” plainly, but it just sounds better when it’s all foreign. Lol.
   But in all seriousness though. The past year, as I have said dozens of times, had been a great struggle for me (and of course with my family). And as much as I’d want to relay it to you, I’m afraid it’s just too personal and such, yet, I can probably say just a couple of small things about it.
   Mainly, my problem was the fact that maybe I might not go to college, and before that, was my devastation by the fact that I didn’t pass my dream school – but seriously, let’s move on from that. I know I have. ;) So anyway, that was the main problem. Was I going to college? Will I be able to finish college someday, somehow? Those were the big questions that made my stomach churn as my eyes turn glassy from the worries. We all know that in this life – as of now – money is the people’s big problem, and clearly we are one of those people who are carrying that burden. As I have said, my mother is a single parent who has struggled to work for us to be raised well and be given quality education, so yes, money was the big problem, especially last year, just as when we thought that we shouldn’t be having problems about it. Turns out, we did.
   Today, there was a sudden twist of fate. And I suddenly ended up with this… So yes, I guess I’m going to college!! (Whooptyfuckingdoo!!)
My official I.D. from St. Scho! ;)
P.S. Yes, I don't like my second name, therefore it shall be blurred out. lol.
   In this blog, you’ve seen me at my best and have seen me probably at my worst (well, not exactly, but I was close to the state of devastation when I was writing those blog posts). And not only have you, my dear readers, have seen me at times when I was crumbling, but also to my close friends who have remained supportive and had brought me up when I was down. For that, I want to thank each and every one of you, from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know how I have survived without you. And of course, to our good God Almighty for helping me see the light when I felt like there was only darkness. It’s just so surreal, really. I never thought that I’d be here. I was really close to accepting that fact that I wasn’t going to college, but fate just knocked me over and said, “Hold on a second bitch, we ain’t done yet!” Haha.
   So yes, patience might be a virtue or whatsoever, and it might not be advisable for a business-world like we are in today, still… Patience is one of the things we must learn in life. That, and with matching perseverance, who knows what places we can get to? 



  1. I search what page are we right now over 366 and found your blog :)

    1. Hahaha. That's nice. Thanks and I love your blog! ;) xx


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