Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Sticks and Pulls All Natural Hair Remover

   Every girl has got problems with hair. Well... Mostly; and I for one, has problems with it too. I mean, let’s face it, facial hair and really hairy arms and legs are pretty unattractive to girls. Not only that, but it looks untidy and it can be a major turn off too. So what can a girl do? I’ve got the answer: buy a waxing kit! If you think that your hair has grown too much and looks as if you’ve got manlike arms, legs or whatever, then you should definitely buy one.
Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Sticks & Pulls All Natural Hair Remover

    Since I’ve got a problem with my hairy legs (specifically on the calves), I’ll admit, it looks as if I’ve got a man’s leg! And yes, it does make me feel a bit insecure sometime or another, but the good there is that I’ve got a remedy. And so, since I was at the drug store the other day, looking for things to buy that I may need, I have come across the hair removal/creams area, in which I saw this product called “Nanny Rose’s Queen Bee Sticks and Pulls All Natural Hair Remover.” You see, it is a waxing kit and I have never used or even tried it before. It just tickled my interest really, since I saw the package, which is a box with simple yet a bit crafty detail on it. I thought that instead of using the same and rather expensive hair cream that I’ve used; why not try this affordable, all natural, waxing kit, right? And so, I ended up buying it.

The whole package

The reusable cloths and the two spatulas

The honey wax

    The next day, I was ready to use it! In fact, I was giddy and excited and nervous – all mixed emotions. Besides the fact that I was a tad scared because it might be painful, but yes, I was more than ready. So I opened the package and saw the wax, the four reusable cloths, and the two spatulas (which turned out to be just two Popsicle sticks). The instructions on the package were very specific, and you can use it either cold or hot. Though, the instructions highly recommended using it warm, you can still use it as is. And so, I did as told....

Here are the specific instructions (as written on the package):

  1. Simply remove cap and heat the jar of wax in a microwave oven (in medium heat) for 20-25 seconds, just enough to soften the mixture. Stir the mixture and let it rest until its temperature is cool enough to apply on skin.
  2. Prep your skin by washing the area with soap and water to remove unwanted residue. Dash a little powder on the area to be waxed to keep it dry.
  3. Using the wooden applicator, apply a thin layer of the wax in the direction - of hair growth. In the same direction, place the strip of cloth on top and even out air bubbles.
  4. SWIFTLY pull the end of the cloth towards the opposite direction - against hair growth. Repeat as needed.
  5. Reddening the skin after waxing is normal. Wax residue on skin can easily be removed with a damp cloth. Allow pores to close by letting skin rest for at least 30 minutes before completely washing the waxed area. 
    A SWEET REMINDER: Do not use on broken and irritated skin.

   In the end, I was very happy with the results. My skin felt very smooth, and it was so easy to do. Instead of going out and pay for a wax, you can just do it yourself! And no, it wasn’t as painful as some may react to it. If you did it right, then it won’t be that painful. The label said that the waxing kit can be used up to a year, but if I run out of it, I’ll definitely buy it again. And yes, this is definitely affordable and is made of honey, sugar and calamansi juice. It contains no harsh chemicals whatsoever, and is made from the Philippines! 

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