Blood Bound - How Soon Is Now?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blood Bound

Blood Bound
By: Myka Javier (c)

Love challenges us,
Down to our deepest cores.
Our souls are a fuss,
Our hearts left sore.

A quantity of mess -
There is no need to deny. 
We are bonded no less,
So we shall always try.

Always understanding.
Always supporting.
Always loving.
But some pieces are missing.

Like a jigsaw puzzle,
That was attacked by a storm.
We'll be silent as if we got a muzzle.
And our love won't deform. 

Blood is thicker than water,
That's a fact.
It's okay to falter.
We'll stay intact.

Please see.
Don't be blind and selfish.
Just listen to me,
And let me finish.

Misunderstanding is leading,
We're too ignorant to notice.
This poem is not for the taking,
I just hope I had relayed and accomplished.

   Yes. The poem above only took me two hours to write. And no, I'm not bragging. In fact, I had a difficult time on thinking of rhyming words (I had a little help - from Google. Haha.), but I'm glad that I finally finished a poem since I haven't written one in months. Speaking of writing, I've got tons of it to do, and I'll start beginning (for my novel) and finishing (for my TVD Fan Fic) them. I need to make progress before school starts.
   So, I hope that you do understand what I am trying to say in my poem. It might take a lot of thinking or whatever, but trust me, it's easy to know. And if you do, I don't mind if you post a comment. ;)

- MsDearlady

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