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Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen films scenes for "Gossip Girl" on New York's 5th Avenue wearing a long black gown at the French Society of Art and Culture. The CW series will be airing its episode with pop star Lady Gaga tonight.
Taylor Momsen, shooting Gossip Girl in 2009
   Ever wonder what my favorite color is?
   Well, I must say that it's really obvious. Just by the way I dress, you can see how much I love the color black! 
   Ever since I was ten years old, it has been one of my favorite colors. Like I've said before, I like being edgy and being dramatic - I think that black is the perfect color for it! Maybe, I might've been influenced by my mother, who likes black and other dark colors as well - just like me. So yeah...
   I've got various reasons why I really, really loooove black! I think black is beautiful. It's perfect for every color, you can always match anything with it. I also think it's elegant. It's perfect for any type of occasion, depending on how you dress with it.
    Still, I cannot find a way to express more about how much I love this color. It's just a part of me now, you know? It's one of my signature colors. If you truly know me, you'll obviously see how much I love it, and of course, other dark colors. :)
    What's your signature color?
Black Outfit 5
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Leighton Meester for Marie Claire 2010
taylor momsen vanidad magazine issue
Alexander McQueen Pre-fall 2012

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