Long week...

   Really, it has been a long week. I mean, we don't have classes on Mondays, and then we had to go to school for the "Plenary Meeting" that all students of our course should go to. Not only that, but we have to go to school on Saturday too, to watch a play that all freshman students should watch either.
   Nevertheless, I can still manage to blog (Thank God). In fact, I am multi-tasking right now. There's nothing really wrong with that now, right? Anyway, I'm here to tell you how things are going with my life. Let's start with yesterday (June 27, Thursday), when I wasn't feeling well, and that I had to spent an hour and a half at the clinic to rest (and with that said, I bailed on my Algebra class - which I thought was a bad idea, since I'm not really good at Math). But yes, I still had to go to my last class. And when I did, thank God I was feeling better. So, when I came home, I immediately rested.

From yesterday
   Today, I woke up at the right side of the bed.
   No kidding. I mean, I am not a morning person at all, and most of the time, I dread the fact that I have to wake up really early in the morning. Still, today was different. I was feeling better, and I had an optimistic feeling down to the pits of my spirit. One of the reasons why I was happy is because I was excited to go get a manicure with my friend - who said will treat me half of the price. So, since it was my first time going to the salon for one - don't be surprised, but it's really my first time since I always do it myself - I was looking forward to it this morning. And when the time came, we went to this salon called "B.A.R." (short for Beauty and Rejuvenation), in which we had so much fun. We even wished we had some more money with us to even get a foot spa. Haha!
   If only...
   Anyway, here are the photos...

Gertie's pick.
The manicurist removing my emerald nail polish.

Gertie checking out other stuff that they offer.
Inside B.A.R. (They're fixing the lights. lol)
My nails are done! Those are VERY dark red nails!!
Gertie's nails..
Inside school... Weather's a bit gloomy today.
The field
Me and Gertie :)
    Anyway, in my last class (which was English), our Professor had given us tasks on "Journaling." He wants us to write on our journals every single day, following the outline he made. I don't know, but I have no idea how I will able to write everyday! Sure, I love writing, but I mean there are just circumstances in which we may experience writer's block, right? I seriously had asked too many questions about it today. Don't you just think it's silly? Well, I hope I'll come up with something new and "innovative" everyday.
    And I've got no choice but to accept the challenge.
    Til' next time!! :)

- M

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