Ora et Labora

   Today, we had to go to school to watch the stage play presented by the Drama guild. It's called "Ora et Labora" which means "Prayer and Work." It is a well-known value and a "mantra" - if I can call it that way, at school. So, as we watched, the play relayed to us the life of our patron Saints, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica.
    It was a chilling, and thrilling play. I don't know, but I knew that it was supposed to be holy, yet it was actually creepy. Haha. No kidding. With that said though, the drama guild made it even more interesting to watch. The play lasted for about two hours, and I must say that I truly enjoyed it, since it was so different. Why, you say? Well, instead of the cast to move around the place, we - the audience - were the ones moving around!!
    See how different that was? Haha. Anyway, here are the photos. I apologize if it's a bit blurry, I'm only using my phone since I have no camera. :| Oh well...

After watching...
   After we watched the play, we finally went to Mall of Asia to just hang. Well, I was there mainly because that's where I can get a ride home. But anyway, I still had fun with the girls. They're really amazing! We ate lunch there at Pizza Hut, and then went around the mall. Of course, I had to go to the boutiques that I will always love (it's a MUST!). So here are the photos. ;)

Leighton Meester's ad for Penshoppe. I just love her!!

With the girls!! (L-R: Me, Zyra, Maurin, Katia, Emiko and Andrea

Me with Z (Zyra) ;)

Maurin, Katia, Emiko and Andrea

Lunch :D YUM!!

Found this headpiece today at Zara!! I wanted it!! :|  Sooo 40s!! ;) ♥

- M

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