Fashion Friday!!

   My other obsession?
   Yeah, that's right. I love my nails so much that I can pretty much tell you that my nails are always well-groomed, maintained, and that I am absolutely addicted to nail polish!! And no, I do not go out to get my nails done (I've done that once, as you have seen from my previous post. Though, I'm not actually going to say that that'll be the last time since it was a wonderful experience. :P), usually I do it myself.
   The things that catch my eyes are the colors that are somehow unique. I love getting extraordinary colors, and not just the typical ones. I choose dark ones most of the time since my hands' complexion look a bit more vibrant with it. In other words, I just love to have pretty nails and hands!! ;)

   But with that, of course you have to take care of your nails too! The other thing that I want to try is Foiled Nails. I think it looks so amazing, doesn't it? I heard that it doesn't easily chip off. Plus, I like it because it's super shiny! Talk about glam, right?

Minx Foil Nails
Below are some of the photos I took for my nails. :)

   Do you happen to be addicted with nail polish too? ;) 

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