Forgotten Passion...

   Last July 05, was my birthday...
   And no, there wasn't anything special and such. But what made my day special was the fact that my friends dropped by at school (on different days), picked me up and spent some time with each other. Like, last July 04, Jeck picked me up at school - because he thought that that day was my birthday, psch - and we went home together (still, I'm happy we got to see each other and be with each other for a while). As we were queued up for the shuttle (our transportation), suddenly we saw our other best friend, Pam. And the three of us went home together. For that, I am truly blessed, because at least, my wishes came true even if it came one day at a time.

Me and Jeck

Me, Pam, and Jeck (I seriously don't know what he's looking at).
   The day of my birthday, I was looking forward to seeing my other best friend, Dane. But during lunch, my bandmate, the lead guitarist, Berms, dropped by at school and gave me his gift. I was surprised really, and touched. I wasn't exactly expecting anything at all! After class (well, I didn't attend my last class for Dane), I waited for her to arrive. But since she was late, I had to wait for almost an hour, and ate my burger as I did. Soon as she arrived, we went to the mall, just sat there for a while, then went home. As we were riding the shuttle, we took photos everywhere!!

Dane and me.. On our way home! :)

Berms' gift

Dane's overdued Christmas gift. LOL!
   Below are the photos we took. Some of it were taken by Dane, some of it were taken by me with her camera. One thing's for sure though, I edited all of them. ;)
I took this photo. ;)
This one too.

Dane's rather rushed photo... Editing by me. ;)

I think this one's mine? I'm not sure... :))

Now this is mine.. I'm sure. :))



Yep, mine too...

Dane's... Editing by me. ;)

Dane's. Editing by me. :)


Mine. :)



My shot of the Skyway toll gate. 


Dane's. ;)
   And this is what this post is titled about. What I meant by "Forgotten Passion" is my passion for Photography and editing. I had been into writing too much that I forgot about it. I know, it's a shame. But you can't really blame me. I don't really have a good camera, and all I use is my mobile phone's camera. So yes, as much as I love Photography, I cannot somehow practice it to the fullest of my potentials, since I have limited equipment - although I can with just a good camera. I titled it this way for me to remember, and to tell myself that I should try to continue even by just using my phone's camera.
   Now you see why I didn't title this post as "B-day?" ;) 
   Anyway, here are other photos from it. ;)
Berms' gift. An Audrey Hepburn framed artwork.  :)
Yep. I'm happy. :)
My favorite cake: Tiramisu Meltdown :)
    In the end, I am grateful for this simple celebration. And I definitely feel so loved and blessed by my family and friends. :)


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