MUSIC MONDAY!! -- "You know we're gonna be alright..."

    So even though I nearly forgot to post this, since I didn't do a scheduled post due to my busyness (it's true, by the way), I am now multi-tasking because I have this Theology quiz tomorrow, and I cannot get a low grade again.
   I'm trying to rise again from ashes...
   But anyway, here we go again with another Music Monday!! :) Can I just say that I discovered this song two weeks ago (thanks to Pretty Little Liars Season 3)? And I must say that I am absolutely obsessing with this! It sounds so chill, and calm, yet it's super catchy! I've never heard this song before even if it's been released last year, but I am so grateful to finally know! What exactly am I talking about? Well, the song is called "Satellites" by this now solo artist named Catcall - isn't her name so sassy and fab?
   Well I think I do. And her songs are amazing! It's great to listen to it for a long drive, and amazing scenery. It's my kind of feel-good song! What else? So here, check it out!! NOW!!

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