Music Monday!!

   If you guys do not know who this amazing singer is, well.. I don't know what to say either! I mean, he just had a concert with my all-time favorite band, Queen! And yes, Queen invited him. Not only that, but he just released his new album called "Trespassing." That's right, it's Adam Lambert, and I'm here to tell you about the song I liked the most from his album! 
    The song is called "Trespassing" (obviously it's the first song in his album), and I loved how groovy and funky the tune was! You'll definitely get up on your feet and start dancing. So yeah, check it out! ;)

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  1. awesome track this :) First time i heard this song and i really like it ! Hey we have a very good collection of Zumba Music checkout these Zumba Songs


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