Music Monday!!

    Do you feel that sometimes when you hear a song and you heard the lyrics, it suddenly clicks? You feel as if the tune gets into your bones as you relate with the lyrics because you've felt that way before?
    Well, I have...
    Truthfully, this song that I'll happen to introduce to you, just does that to you. When I heard this, I immediately fell in love with it as the lyrics clicked and the tune got into my bones. Next thing I knew, I was singing parts of it and I had to search for the lyrics. I do hope you'll happen to feel what I felt with this song. I mean, everyone's been "Broken Open" right? And this song is by the band called "Cold War Kids." I'm sure that they're somehow familiar to the indie scene. ;)
   So check it out below. I do apologize if the audio seems to have low quality. Believe it or not, the song's not all that popular (like that's new... lol). So anyway, I hope you do like it. :)

- M

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