Blasts of Creativity and Inspiration II

   Can you guess how excited I am?!
   Yes, I am so excited because right now - after I make this post - I shall publish the continuation to my The Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction series! That's right, my two-month hiatus is about to end in a few minutes. And truly, I had been itching to write this new series for weeks. But you know, since I was supposed to have my midterms last week yet it was postponed due to the tragedy that happened in our country that suspended classes for a week, I had time to finally write it. And yes, I am definitely sooo excited - like I've said!
   I know that I've made a post like this months ago (see here), and I'm happy to update you on my writing. Truthfully, I had been writing more now (although the way I see it, I still write the same way as I often do) because of my subjects. You see, we always have to write reflection papers and this journal that I can barely write in my own personal journal, but still, I am happy to let you all know that I am still writing my novel, and yes, now my Fan Fictions as well. Months ago, I thought that my busyness at school would prevent me from writing my stuff, but this was definitely beyond my expectations. I mean, I am currently writing the third book to my novel and yes, I am definitely happy with my progress, and now I'll have to add more to my plate.
   And I am here to tell you again that I still don't know where my blasts of creativity and inspiration come from. Although I can tell you that I gather enough inspiration from really good songs that can connect to my characters, and I really think that that is amazing. I also still have the same method of putting my feet onto my characters' shoes, you know? And I guess that I gather blasts of creativity when I have good inspirations - like any writer - if I can call myself that.
   Right now, I seriously cannot be any happier with my progress. And I have not experienced writer's block in months! So yes, I'm also glad that I've inspired some to write. Like reading, it is definitely a different world when you're writing a story, I mean, you can just do whatever you want, wherever your imagination can take you. You just delve yourself into a whole new world.
   And wouldn't that feel invigorating?
   For me? It does...

- MsDearlady

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