Cause' There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked...

   My week had been absolutely crazy!
   And yes, here I am starting another week. But anyway, I do apologize if all I had been updating is my Music Monday. Truthfully, I cannot seem to give myself some time to blog. And that sucks, doesn't it? But I am here now, giving you my dose of drama with the events that kept me busy. Oh and I think you better brace yourselves because I'm sure this will be a long post (or maybe I can just do it in two parts, no big deal - not that I have all the time in the world, but I'm just prepared for this).
   It started last Saturday (July 28). The class I'm part of went on this small field trip for our subject called "NSTP" (which stands for "National Service Training Program" - all freshmen students are required to finish this subject, or else we won't be able to graduate - I know, yikes). We went to Gawad Kalinga in Onyx (which was only somewhere in Pandacan, not too far from our school), and we had to interview and reach out to the so-called "lower class." Truthfully, I don't like calling them "poor," it's just degrading to hear such thing, don't you think? So anyway, we were there, and we met this woman who we had to interview and she was so nice and kind. This whole "exposure" experience thing truly left me amazed because it was absolutely beyond my expectations. I am so happy to have met the woman we've interviewed because she was happy and contented with her life, and you don't really get to see people like that nowadays, especially when she was in that current state. Plus, she didn't become all dramatic when she told us about the story of her life.
   I'll definitely won't forget the experience...

Our small orientation about Gawad Kaling with Bro. Tony
Me with Gertie
    So next event I had to go to was last July 29th, which was a Sunday. It was my niece's baptism at the church right beside Mall of Asia, and we spent the day at Gilligan's there with family and friends. Truthfully, they started having drinks at one in the afternoon. It was crazy really, but with them, I'm used to it. And even though I've got tons of work to do, I just had to spend the rest of the day there, playing with my nephew since they're all drinking and I don't. :)
My cousin, her husband, and my little niece!!
Their family portrait after the baptism
My outfit for the day, wearing my favorite wedges :)
    Now, I shall tell you about my adventure last Aug. 02, with my friend Gertie. It was a Thursday, and that's when my schedule's just chill, you know? I mean, my first class is at nine in the morning, then I have a three hour break afterwards. That's why I call it "Chill Thursday." And I happen to love that day so much that I look forward to it every week (even though I only have classes four times a week). So there we were, at school, done with our first subject and was currently on our three hour break. I told Gertie that I'll have to drop by at the bookstore since I was planning to buy another book for my The Vampire Diaries collection, which is Stefan's Diaries Vol. I. But then, she wanted to go to SM Manila. I told her that I didn't have money to get my ass to SM Manila, but she kindly offered to give me a treat for our transportation.
   I know, she's awfully kind. All my friends are, really. Too bad I'm always broke... sort of. 
   So we got there, and we dropped by to a few boutiques to just, you know, check out some of their products. Girl stuff. Then we went to the bookstore wherein I only ended up buying myself some pens and yellow pad paper - since I am truly in need of some. Still, I felt myself empty-handed, because I didn't get to buy what I was supposed to be buying. Then of course, we checked out Papemelroti - a shop where they sell crafted paper stuff since that was the other reason why we went to SM Manila, because Gertie wanted to buy a planner there. Unfortunately we ended up empty handed yet again. So we proceeded with lunch before going back to school, of course. ;)
Gertie with her lunch. :))

I just love them... :)
Making our way back to school via LRT.

Gloomy day. It feels like London. ;)
   When we finally got back near school, I told Gertie that I'm gonna check out the bookstore, the one near our school. So we did, and I didn't find the book I'm supposed to buy - again. So there I was, frustrated because we went so far and I didn't want to return to school empty handed. I decided to buy this. Why not right? I mean, I did collect all thirteen books! 

On my list... The books I need to read after midterms. ;)
   Later that same day, we had to do a mandatory drug test that was required to all students. We were scheduled after lunch, but then they postponed us, saying that that was the cut-off time, and that there were a lot of students. Yes, I was hella' pissed, especially when they told us to go back there at four in the afternoon to know if they will continue. It was the last day, and we all have to be done with it. So yeah, we went back there at four in the afternoon during our last class since our professor was really kind. And then we had to stay at school until six-thirty in the evening when obviously they shouldn't have at all and when we're supposed to be home by that hour already! It caused us nothing but delays, and the fact that wandering through the twilight hour at school was practically scary. When I got home, I was definitely physically, and emotionally drained. Yeah, I was exhausted alright. And who wouldn't be after the adventure I've gone through with the day? 
What the world revealed to me when I got out of that room.... 
Yep, I was scared. 
   So I guess that ends the first part of this entry. I shall post the second part now. It'll take me a small amount of time since I just heard that classes for tomorrow are suspended. So yeah, I'll just continue blogging like a boss. :)

- MsDearlady

P.S. Yes, the title is from the song by Cage The Elephants. ;)

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