Cause' There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (Part II)...

   Here we go with the continuation....
   I will now tell you about what I did for the weekend, mainly about last Saturday (Aug. 04). It was the WNCAA Opening (which stands for Women's National Collegiate Athletic Association), and we were required to go there. Truthfully I wasn't really going, but since mum and the fam wanted me to - even though it was against my will, I just had to. Anyway, we were supposed to watch the game, and we did, but when we got there, the opening ceremony was just about to end....

The DLSZ Pep Squad

The DLSZ Orchestra
Me with Alexis, Karen, and Chanty :)
Me with Alexis, please excuse my paleness. I was too lazy to fix up. :)
My view for the game.
64 - 63. We won! ;)
L-R: Me, Joey, Zyra, Karen, Iah, Andrea, Katia, Emiko, and Alexis - my blockmates :)
    After the game, mum picked me up. And since I haven't eaten lunch at all, we went to Tiendesitas. There we ate lunch. :) Afterwards, we went to the stores and just checked out some stuff like clothes, bags, shoes, etc. - girl stuff. Of course, I enjoyed my time there especially when we went by the Pets section. There were cute puppies, dogs, cats, birds, and of course hamsters, there! I couldn't help myself but play with them. :)

The store where we ordered lunch...
Saw this cat under our table. :))
He was cute. And really white. Just adorable...
And look at this cutie. He's a beagle, and I heard that they're the smartest dogs. :)
   Our next stop was Glorietta in Makati. That was where we can get the easiest way to get a ride home. When we got there, we went around again, looking at some stuff. Mum wanted to go to Rustan's there, and I was like, "Okay." So we did. When we got there she asked me, "What's the brand of the shoes you really want?" And I casually replied, "Oh it's Christian Louboutin." And when I looked up... I saw this!!
    I seriously cannot believe it! This was the moment I was waiting for! I remember telling myself that if there was a Louboutin store here in the Philippines, I'd seriously go there and fit a shoe or something! And guess what? I DID! I FREAKING TRIED ON LOUBOUTINS! I know that I am completely raving about this, but who wouldn't for a shoe freak like me? Right? And it might sound like I'm totally crazy over something that's seriously normal (for the rich kids out there), but for me, it is not. I mean, I never knew that there was a Louboutin store (or even a section) here, until last Saturday! 
   And is it me, or destiny just made me see the pair of heels I badly wanted (the one that I posted here, it sort of looked like it, but they're definitely different) on display! :( So yes, I just had to try it on!! Oh and I checked the prices, and hell it's expensive!! It'll only be in my dreams then....
If only I can never take it off....
It's beautifully structured too.
Red Bottoms. ;) Just gotta love them...
    I had to let it go of course. It was so expensive, but so beautiful. Oh well, we can't get everything we want, right? The studs were just fantastic, so edgy and beautiful - all at the same time! So we went around again. I made my mum and I drop by at one of my favorite stores in Glorietta, and that is Apostrophe'. That was where I found the Audrey Hepburn tote bag and practically begged my mum to buy it for me. She gladly obliged since she said that she didn't have a gift for me on my birthday anyway. So hell yeah! I got it!

When it comes to Audrey Hepburn, it's always a different conversation.
   I also saw this Audrey Hepburn notebook that I wanted, but I am broke. I guess I'll have to save up to get  the things I want. And that requires time and effort, right? But when it comes to Audrey Hepburn, notebooks, leather jackets, shoes, and makeup are all worth saving for right? :) Well, this ends my two-parted post. I hope you had fun reading it. This week is supposed to be our midterms, and of course, I absolutely have to study.
   Don't worry though, I already did for Philosophy, since I was supposed to take it tomorrow. But since we don't have classes, I've got more time to blog! Nevertheless, the rain here is absolutely terrifying. I do hope that everyone is safe, wherever you are. ;)

 - MsDearlady

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