Friday Madness

   I know I should've blogged this yesterday, but I was tired and I had to prepare for some event for today (which I shall blog about later or tomorrow since I am exhausted).
   Anyway, yesterday at school, we celebrated Filipino Month with an Institutional Mass, parades, dances, games, etc. And we've gone through so much stress this month for Midterms, and then for this "Street Dance Competition" thing, where different sections from different courses get to dance some folk dances for only a minute. But yes, as much as a minute goes, we've spent tons of money on our costumes and exerted effort on practices (sort of). I don't really know if our dance went well, but I guess t'was okay... Okay enough to get it over with, I guess. ;) Unfortunately, I don't have the photos during the dance, but I do have some after the dance. ;)
During the institutional mass...

Gertie, Rachel, and me. :) 
Me with Gertie :)

      After the dance, we took a little break and went to lunch. As we enjoyed lunch et al, we received a text message that there would be no classes in the afternoon and that we'll just have to attend the event. Obviously most of us didn't really want to go, so Gertie and I decided to go to SM Mall of Asia since, as I always say, that's where I can get an easy ride home. And of course, we can spend time there, just going through stores to see fabulous stuff we hope we can have (also known as "window shopping" lol.). So we did, and we went to stores just as planned. I had fun, really. At least I get to spend my Friday extraordinarily. Oh and we went to Forever 21 just to try stuff on. ;)

While waiting for the train...

Serious face. :))
No sign of the train yet...
Hello Taft Avenue
Trying on this leather skirt!! I love it!! :(
And these too!! :( 
This dress too!!! 
Fab right?
We found LEGO City on display!! :)
Yep, there's my childhood right there...
   After spending the afternoon there, we finally went our separate ways since her boyfriend already arrived and I figured I should give them some time together because t'was their 17th monthsary. ;) So yeah, I went to other stores for a little while then decided to call it quits and went home. Of course, I know I have to stress on some other stuff as well, because of the event I have to go to earlier today. But yeah, I had fun! :)
   And that's what counts, right?

- MsDearlady

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