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Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Soon Is Now?

   If you've read my blog for countless of times already, and you happen to wonder why I named it "How Soon Is Now?" well now, I'm going to tell you why.
   Have you heard of The Smiths' song that has the same title? Originally, this title was their song. I heard it first from t.A.T.u.'s cover of it back when I was twelve years old, and I immediately fell in love with it. In fact, it is still one of my favorites until now! So when I had the chance to make a blog and I had to think of a title, I immediately came up with this.
   I mean, haven't you ever told yourself that you want something now but then you suddenly ask, how soon will that now be? When are you ever going to get a chance on getting that thing and when is it going to come? We say things like "some day," but the truth is we ask, when is that day going to come and how are we going to know when it will? We often say those, but we don't even notice it. And the truth is, we all desire something, and sometimes we even crave for it - whatever that is - which is in a way can be also be felt through this song.
   So the song is about a man who is really not confident in himself. And with that said, his low self-confidence is the thing that's holding him back. But then he wants to be loved (which is what he craved for) because he's human and he thinks that everyone deserves to be loved. People however, say things about his attitude since they misunderstand him and doubt him, yet he brushes them off. Then one day, he figured to go to a club (which is where he can meet new people to date, etc.) but only found himself standing there, afraid to make a fool of himself. He then goes home all alone, wants to cry and wants to die. As much as people comment about him finding someone or finding love some day, he asks, when exactly? Because he has already waited far too long, and now all of his hope is gone...
   Basically, this song is just beautiful and amazing. It's very relatable because this song connects through your soul - if I can say it that way. It's meaningful, really, and I knew then and there that this cannot be any more perfect for the title of my blog. Besides, I know that I will always be in love with this song because of the lyrics. And yes, my favorite part of the song is:

   "You shut your mouth
   How dare you say?
   I go about the things the wrong way
   I am human and I need to be loved
   Just like everybody else does..."

   I hope you guys will come to like this song, and I also hope that with this, my blog can connect with you even more as well. Below, I gave you the original version, and t.A.T.u.'s cover! For me, I like t.A.T.u.'s better. ;) Enjoy!

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