MUSIC MONDAY - What's new on my playlist?

   Yeah, there are six new songs in my playlist.
   But let's not get excited shall we? Of course I'll be doing it one by one. :) I've discovered new songs from the past week, and this week. Yes, I am very much excited to hear new ones from the bands I love, or from new artists who just tickles my interest. I mean, don't you feel refreshed when a new song comes into your playlist?
    I do.
    So today, I'm going to introduce to you the new song to one of my favorite bands - The Vaccines. They're absolutely rocking the indie, 80s-inspired-new-wave tune. This song will make you dance (how they dance in the 80s) and will make you nod your head to its tune! I can definitely imagine this song playing in the 80s! Only that it's definitely new! So what's this song? It's entitled "Teenage Icon," and I think we teenagers (or for those who have youthful hearts), can relate to this song very well!
    Check it out!

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