Music Monday!! - What's new on my playlist?

   Man, the week really goes by fast.
   I still remembered how I wrote the previous Music Monday. But anyway, it's a new day for all of us. And with that said, I am introducing to you the next new song to my playlist. (Oh and I've discovered two more songs last week, so yeah... I'll post that next time.)
   If you still remember that scene in Gossip Girl Season 1, where Blair was in Chuck's bar (which was called Victrola, by the way), and she and Nate just broke up so she went up the stage, danced and sort of took her clothes off? Yeah, you know what's next. Well, the song there was by this band called SohoDolls with the lead singer, the beautiful Maya Von Doll. And she sort of did her own thing away from the band, and released a single called "Play My Way" - which is the song that I'm going to let you hear... And it was played in Gossip Girl Season 5, Episode 3 - "The Jewel of Denial."

   Yeah, I know. Maya Von Doll's voice's signature sexy and seductive tone has always been the one that's so unique. Anyway, I did hear this song before, but I just brushed it off. At first, when I heard it, didn't really have any appeal to me. But now, I guess that's changed because I love it! So yeah, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, because it'll definitely get to your bones. :)

- M

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