Book Review: The Vampire Diaries - The Hunters Volume I and II Review

   I was supposed to make a review on the second book, and then I absolutely forgot that I still haven't written one for the first book. Well anyway, since the third book hasn't been published yet (it will be released on October 23, I think), then I shall make a review about the first two.
   Let's start with the first book...
   When I read Phantom, I immediately recognized the writing style. I actually put down the book and stared into blank space as I wondered, "Why does it seem that L.J. Smith was the one who wrote this?" Because as I've said, L.J. Smith got fired by Alloy Entertainment. So I immediately searched and found out that this was the last book she had written for the series, at the same time, it was edited by a ghostwriter (since she was fired before it was even published). I definitely enjoyed the book, because I knew how good Smith was. But, I must say that the best Trilogy was The Return (see review here), in my opinion that is. Why? Well, as much as it went, The Return offered tons of breath-taking adventures, while this book, well... Let's just say it was okay, but not as breath-taking. In the end, I still couldn't put it down because I was itching to know how it was going to end.
   And it definitely was interesting... Now, I knew that the next book, Moonsong, would be purely written by the ghostwriter, and before I bought the book, I read reviews online just to see if I really should buy. In the end, I decided to, because there were mixed opinions about it from the reviewers. Some hated it and said that it shouldn't be read, some thought it was okay and good, or whatever. Me? Well, I said that I had to see it for myself. If I didn't like it, if it was indeed bad, then I guess that'll be the last book I'd buy from the Vampire Diaries and probably start collecting Stefan's Diaries. So I bought the book, and I finished last Friday (Aug. 24).
   What can I say about it? Well, it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it got me hooked. Although, it was a bit slow and had become predictable towards the ending, it was okay. Just, okay... That is. Still, that "okay" is okay enough to let me buy the next and last book of the Trilogy. I guess that can count as a plus point right? Now, the cons... I must say that the ghostwriter did not do well with the characters that much. I don't know, but obviously the characters often act out of character - you know? It's like the characters were not portrayed as how Smith portrayed them in the previous books. And since they have developed oh so very well, we - the avid readers - obviously noticed that there was a glitch. I mean, does Damon Salvatore say "Swanky" and "Kiddies"? - Obviously not! Oh and would Damon say, "Darling" to Elena too much? I do not think so. And how about Stefan? Does he call Elena "Sweetheart?" For God's sakes, he does not. 
   I don't know about you, but I definitely thought that that was very out of character for them... And how about Elena? Does she happen to mope around just like that even though Stefan broke up with her and it was sort of her fault that she hurt him? The Elena I knew is strong, who ran and ran even if her knees were giving up while she was badly injured, even if she was definitely running out of breath, and nearly felt like dying - she never gives up and definitely does not mope around as if the world was ending. 
   So yeah, I guess it was alright... And yes, I'll buy the next and final book of the trilogy just to see how this is all going down - despite the fact that the second book has glitches. I cannot really say that I'm excited about it as I was excited with The Return Trilogy, but yeah, s'okay... (Haha). Oh and I'll start collecting Stefan's Diaries too, which is based on the TV Show. 
   And if you're asking about my rating, I'd rate this when the trilogy's finally complete. For now, I shall leave you with my two cents. ;)


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