Week. (Part I)

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    Well, hell week is finally over!!
    But yes, I shall now tell you how much stress I've gone through. And hell, I've got a lot of stuff on my plate that I'll be posting two parts of this entry. You see, I've been studying the whole four days (or a week - since I only have four days of classes). No joke, I was seriously focusing on it like hell! I mean, I didn't listen to my playlist for two whole days because I badly needed to pass it. Let's face it, first midterms you get to have in College? Yeah, it's pretty traumatizing and nerve-wrecking alright.
   So first exams last Tuesday (August 14), was Philosophy and Communication Arts. And I was soooo nervous with Philosophy. Not that I didn't study - I did, but our professor's just really stern, strict, and a terror - who wouldn't be nervous at all?! And that was the first test I had to take that day. So when I was in the whole scenario, God, all I studied for didn't even appear! I tried my best to answer but it was so damn hard.
   Effort wasted, right?
   Oh and I found out the results of that test last Thursday (August 16) and I passed.... Fortunately, that is. I mean, one more error and I could've failed! I was so close to failing but luckily I made it! So, the next test for that day was Communication Arts, and can I just say that I am happy with how the test was? Because as hard as Philosophy went, this test was actually easy! And yeah, I hope that I do pass because I think I did well.
    Anyway, that night I was reviewing for the tests for the next day, until I received a phone call from one of my best friends, Jeck. Then, he told me that his mom just passed away. It was sad, really, and he was crying really hard - of course, I was there for his aide. So the next day (Wednesday, August 15), I took the test for science (which went sort of well... I think), and then I went to the wake together with our other best friend, Dane. Unfortunately, Pam had an important class to go to, and she had to follow - which she did. So here, I have provided photos. :)

While on the way to the wake, Dane's brother was asleep and he was near my lap. So, I made his back my table. :)) 
Me, Jeck, and Dane
Jeck and Dane

Jeck, reading a quote from my Theology book
Dane and I's stuff.
Me with Jeck :)

Jeck and Dane
    When I got home, I immediately started reviewing for Theology. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the subject, and I love the discussions, but what I do not love about it are the quizzes and the exams. Hell, it had tons of terms and stuff to memorize, that my brain's just getting fried up. And believe me, the test wasn't all that easy. There was this certain part of the test where we have to name a certain quote who said it. Yes, I didn't know because I didn't study that, so I had to shotgun the answers. (lol*) Anyway, so last Thursday (August 16), that was also the day where I found out my test results for Philosophy - as I have said earlier. That afternoon, I had to take the Theology test and the other part of our CommArts midterm exams - which was the impromptu speech. Truthfully, I didn't really put my best foot forward there. I didn't prepare all that much - because obviously, it's an "impromptu" and I was a bit stressed that day. In the end, out of forty, I only scored thirty-two, and I seriously don't know if I should worry about that. And when I got home that day, I started reviewing for Algebra...
    Well now if I continue, this post will be too long, and I'm afraid it'll only bore you. So yes, I'll be posting the second part in the next few minutes. ;)

- M

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