Week. (Part II)

   Okay, so here's the second part.
   Friday (August 17), I had to take my Algebra midterm exams. I was nervous, of course. I hate math, and I'm pretty sure it hates me too. But yes, everyone has to deal with math at some point or another, right? So yeah, the night before the day, I stepped it up by practicing through answering my previous quizzes and whatnot. And believe it or not, the test went sort of well... I mean, I expected worse than how it was, so yes, I am happy to tell you that I passed! :)
    After taking the whole test thing, I went home early since I allowed not go to my last subject anymore because of my other blockmates' impromptu speeches, and I was already done. So yeah, I went by to the wake again to see how everything was, especially with Jeck. But when I got there, he hasn't arrived from school yet, so I had to wait two hours for him as I entertained his little niece. The next day, Saturday (August 18) - which was yesterday - and was the burial of his mother, so the three of us, Pam, Dane and I, went there.

Me, Pam and Dane :)

Giving flowers...
Balloons were released...
Me and Jeckybaby
The Dynamic Four =)) (L-R: Pam, Dane, Me, and Jeck = forever and always)
   After that, we had lunch and then stayed at Jeck's place where we just chatted and chatted, and laughed, took photos and ordered McDonald's. We basically just hung out. And believe it or not, it was really fun. Plus, we'll always be together through thick and thin, because it feels as if we're already a family. And I cannot be any happier that everyone is doing fine...
   So yes, thank you for taking time and reading this really long, two-parted post. :)
   I shall now get some sleep.

- M

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