Yep. I had two great days.
   But first, I sort of took this video, and I seriously don't know why I did. It was unusual for me to be taking videos, and yeah, totally different... Nevertheless, it pretty much explains my day today (Saturday). :) Oh and sorry if it has low quality with the video and audio cause' I was just using my phone. ;)


   Okay, so I'm going to start with yesterday which was Friday, where I got to Makati successfully all by myself. Haha! It was so much fun. Oh and I can say right now (since I took the video like an hour ago, or whatever) that in the video I am definitely tired. I just didn't feel it when I was shooting, but after, I sure felt it! Anyway, I still must blog, though. 
   So here are the photos from yesterday, when I was wandering around the malls of Makati all by myself. :) 

When I arrived... 
I just had to drop by... :)
     So I went to Glorrietta 4 then to Rustan's where I got lost in the Men's Clothing Section. I seriously don't know what I was doing there, but I was just roaming around, and then I saw this table with a globe on it that looked so vintage. I approached that table and then saw that they are selling vintage-looking real quills on boxes. I couldn't possibly resist! I've always wanted one and even get to experience how... The price, I forgot really, but I do remember that I think that it was affordable. Hey, that counts right? :)) Oh, and they don't just sell quills. They also sell display vintage-looking figures that completely amazed me. I just loved it!! The whole display they have is just interesting. :) 

Le quill.
Magnifying lens. :D

Oh look! Chess pieces!! :D
Displays that they sell too... :)

Shelves full of cigars and tobacco... :
The front display...
Left side display... I love the desk! :)

Poker chips... :)
Then I finally found my way here... I couldn't possibly resist. :D
Oh, we meet again...
Yes, I still want this bad... 
I like this one too. ;)
Hell yeauh... ;)

   And that's about it for Friday!! :D Since I am very tired tonight, I'm sorry to say that I couldn't go on... I'll just post the photos from today tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you guys are having fun!! ;)

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