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Friday, September 7, 2012

Lost myself.

   In this world, sometimes we tend to be like sponges - absorbing everything around us until we fully accepted and understood. We let life drive us away, and we get extremely overwhelmed that we forget who ourselves were because at some point or another, there are these certain moments in life where we search for the person that we once were.
    Where is that person now? 
   That's the question we get to ask. And that's the question I've asked myself. I mean, all of us change, we experience change, and it's either you hate the person you've become, or you love it, yet you still want to be the person you were before altogether. Is that even possible? I believe so. Even if we actually lost who we once were, I know, deep down inside us, that that person is still within us.
   Why am I saying all this?
   Let's just say that I sometimes lose myself - the real me - someplace out there in the world. I cannot explain, actually. I know I am still here, the real me, but like I've said, sometimes I get overwhelmed and I lose myself - just like everybody else, I suppose. Not by peer pressure, not by petty influences, but I lose myself with the whole world around me - it's as if I can just fade into the background. As if I was ordinary. It is sad if you think about it, but for me, it isn't because I know that I can still find that person, the person I was, in me. It's not too late. I'm still young, I've got the whole world out in front of me, and just because I have expanded my horizons even just the slightest bit, does not mean that I've completely lost myself. I still have conviction, I still stand on my own two feet, and I still fight for what I believe in. Doesn't that count for something?
   Yes, it does.

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