NSTP Coastal Cleanup

   As promised on the video yesterday (see previous post), I am posting the photos from the NSTP Coastal Cleanup yesterday. It was such a fun experience, but I did not like the fact that we walked really far away. I mean, from school, to Pedro Gil - it was definitely far!! Nevertheless, cleaning up was fun, and it was nice to be helping the world, right? After that, I headed over to Mall of Asia to get a ride home, and I was roaming around there for like three hours. Then I got home at 4pm. :)
   But first, before you scroll down and see the photos, here's a video of my dear friend Gertie. She was pretty much hyper during our walk to CCP that morning, and I just had to take a video!! =))


L-R: Me, Jam, Gertie, Joey, Bee, Katia, Mau, and Zyra :)

Photo from Mau. :)
Grabbed from Mau. :) 
Katia and Jam. =))


I was crossing the street, and I just had to take a photo of it. :))

Good morning!! :)

With Chanty. ;)
Hello Kuya. :) 
Hello Manila Bay

What we were cleaning up cause' I refused to go down... It was too high. 

Cleaning, with two guys helping out. ;) 
Me and Bee. ;)

Grabbed from Mau's. I was ready to get filthy. >:)
Photo from Mau. ;)
Photo from Mau.
Gertie, taking up all the filth. :)) (Photo from Mau)
Photo from Mau. :)
They found a dog's skull!!! (Photo from Mau)
Manila Bay right behind me. :)
Me with G. ;)
At Gertie's Dormroom, just chitchatting. ;)
Got to Mall of Asia. This was taken in Zara.
I just love these shoes that I'm trying on. ;)
Eating all by myself, trying to waste time. ;)
Dropped by Fullybooked and saw these... Two of my favorites. ;)
My lime-colored nails. ;)
Waiting in the shuttle. 

   Hope you enjoyed the photos!!! Oh and the video as well!! Have a great Sunday!! ;)

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