Thursday Fun Day. :)

   So last September 13th, I had a really fun day out with friends. It was a Thursday, and we all know that my schedule every Thursday is just chill... You see, the other day (I forget what day it was), Dane tweeted me and told me that we should go to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair at the SMX Complex by Mall of Asia. And I was like, "we should totally go!"
   That's when it all started.
   On Thursday, of course, I arrived early at school - as always - when my first class wasn't until at nine. So I hung out at the library and studied for the lesson that we were taking up that day. I seriously was sleepy, yet I had to get myself together since my performance the Thursday before (September 6), was traumatizing. My performance definitely wasn't great, and I know I had to step up at some point or another. Then, after that class, Gertie received a text or a call (I think, I don't remember) from her best friend saying that she was at Robinson's Ermita. So G was like, "Maybe we should go to Rob Manila?" And I was like, "Okay, let's go then." I was totally up for it since I haven't been there for two years and I seriously wanted to be there again.
   And off we went... :)

On our way to Robinson't Ermita
   After meeting up with her best friend and met some of her best friend's friends, we roamed around a little, checking out some boutiques, and then had lunch. We chose to go for Wendy's since both of us haven't eaten there in such a long time, and I gotta say that it's just one of my favorites. ;) Afterwards, we started heading back to Taft since I gotta get to my next class, but unfortunately, the bus ride took a long time because of the horrible traffic and I was indeed late. So I decided that I shouldn't go anymore and just meet up with Dane so we can finally go to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair! :D

Fierce. ;)
Yep. I was definitely hungry. ;)
   When we finally arrived at the Book Fair, it was as always, heaven! It wasn't exactly the first book fair we've gone to. In fact, two years ago, we went to the same book fair. But last year, we didn't go because a) we're too busy, and b) we're just broke. 
   Unfortunate, right?
   But nevertheless, we were fortunate enough this year to have some money, and go to this event with free tickets that we got off from the internet. I mean, when we were by the entrance, I was pretty nervous that we wouldn't able to get in, but the ticket was definitely valid, and we got in!! I gave Dane a look of surprise and joy as we entered heaven. 

    First, we got to the Fully Booked section where I found the next book of my Bright Young Things book by Anna Godbersen. It was a paperback version of it, and I had been looking for one for months now, since all I find are hardbound ones. I was definitely lucky to find it. Plus, I also found the next book to my The Vampire Diaries - Stefan's Diaries: Vol. I and I took hold of it for quite some time. We also found this Harry Potter book where it has all the behind the scenes stuff from the movies, and it was so cute because they've got some stuff pasted on it like a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, Yule Ball invitation, etc. It was definitely awesome. :)
Fully Booked Section
Dane, looking around...
Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.
Ours probably got lost in the mail... :))
Yule Ball Invitation
   We then went to the Customer's Service because I was looking for another book - the one that I'm currently reading on my friend's Kobo, which is titled "The Flappers: Vixen" by Jillian Larkin, and they gave me this last paperback copy. The price of the book was ridiculous even if it was 20% Off, and it broke my heart because I knew I wouldn't buy that book with that price. So, Dane told me that we should roam someplace else and maybe we can see that book with a cheaper price. I hid the books that I was carrying with me on some shelf, because I was still deciding what to buy between them and we went to National Bookstore section.

We got em' freebies from Fully Booked
  When we got to the National Bookstore section, there was this side where rows of hardbound books were piled up in shelves. After we roamed there, we decided to check out those hardbound books. I mean, they were really cheap! I wondered where they came from, and we saw that it was from libraries in America. It was definitely alright, I mean, hardbound for a really cheap price regardless of the fact that there were date stamps on it because it was from some library, who wouldn't say yes, right? And then this amazing thing happened where Dane found the Vixen by Jillian Larkin there! I couldn't possibly say "no"! I was definitely lucky!! :D :D :D

  After buying some books we liked, I told Dane that we should head back to Fully Booked so I can finally decide what to buy. We went back to that shelf, and played rock-paper-scissors (because that's how we settle things, sometimes... or maybe that's just me). I told her that if I won, I'd buy the Beautiful Days book, and if she won, I'd buy Stefan's Diaries Vol. II. I ended up winning, so I bought Beautiful Days. In the end, we were both so happy because we got the books we liked, and we went home because it was getting late. 

Going home...

The view by the MOA Arena.
What I got... :D
Free bookmarks from Fully Booked. :)
   But then, another surprise came when I got home. You see, I joined this Facebook contest to win a meet-and-greet ticket for the Bazooka Rocks Concert because my favorite band - The Pretty Reckless - is coming to Manila. Bazooka Rocks will bring other bands like The Maine, Marianas Trench, etc. but I'm only rooting for The Pretty Reckless. And guess what? I WON! They e-mailed me last Monday, but I only saw it last Thursday! 
   I immediately called Dane, and told her about it because the day was so spectacular, it was just amazing! I was soooo lucky to have won, and have bought those books that I wanted for such a long time especially the fact that I was with friends! 
   I couldn't be more grateful... It's just really amazing. :)


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