Bazooka Rocks Fan Party / Meet-And-Greet

   Okay, so after trying to win the real Meet-and-Great (since I said in this post that I won, in which I thought I did, turns out I didn't so...), and joined multiple promos (both on Facebook and on Twitter), I actually won a pass! I mean, I already got the Fan Party Pass, and then I won the M&G last Thursday! That's why I told you that I was on cloud nine!
   And yes, her bandmates as well! Their band is just one of my favorites, and I've been a fan for such a long time, like, before they even released their album! You seriously cannot imagine how desperate I was! I was flooding, spamming - whatever you call it! - on my timeline just to win a M&G pass! I even went into Twitter Jail (once you've already over-tweeted), and then I was so nervous because it was at 10pm when they started announcing winners. I was praying really hard, begging them to please make me win, and I did! :D
   It was amazing. Just... amazing.

   So the Fan Party happened last September 29, Saturday at the Mall of Asia. Nina (one of my best friends) and I had to go to Shangri-La Hotel in Makati first before we head over to MOA for the M&G. Why did we have to go there, you ask? Well, the next day after I've won the M&G pass, I won tickets to the Bazooka Rocks Festival where The Pretty Reckless was headlining! Don't get me wrong, I never thought and expected I'd actually go to the concert. I didn't exactly want to spend thousands of pesos on it when I only want to see them (because tons of bands are also going to perform since it's a 12 hour music festival), but I actually won, so I was like, why not? Right? 
   Then, we headed over to MOA afterwards for the M&G! Here are the photos. :) 

My best friend, Nina. :))

My Audrey Hepburn bag. :D
Photo from Mall Of Asia's Official Photographer
Photo from Mall Of Asia's Official Photographer

Photo from Mall Of Asia's Official Photographer
Me with them!! :D
Photo from Mall Of Asia's Official Photographer
    When they came out and we saw Taylor Momsen's blonde hair, I seriously felt as if my heart stopped. And then I recovered, so quickly as if nothing happened. I felt excitement and happiness! It was them! And when I finally went up that stage, and like talked to Ben (their lead guitarist, the one on the right from me since Taylor's on the left from me), I told him that they're awesome and that I've been waiting for them for two years, and he was like, "Thanks. Yeah, we've waited for two years too!" Then I met Taylor, I hugged her like three times, and I was like "Oh my God! I finally met you! I seriously can't believe this!" They took our photos, and she told me "See you tomorrow?" I then said, "Yeah, I never thought I'd actually go but I actually won tickets. I do hope I can sing with you tomorrow." She laugh and we held hands for a moment, then was my time to go to give way to the other fans.
   Yep. Life is sweet. :D
   I seriously cannot be any more thankful!
With Mall of Asia's Marketing Officer, Ms. Kyla Ayson :D
Photos with other fans. :)

When they were leaving already...

My outfit. :)
The leather jacket that I've always loved from TopShop. I wish I can have it already. :(
From Shangri-La :D
What I've won... :D
Les tickets. :)
   And that's it! I'll post what happened in Bazooka Rocks Festival with the photos soon! For now, I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and enjoy your day/night - whatever. ;)

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