Bonne Fête mon meilleur amie...

   I know that I'm posting this a week late, but I've been busy. :)
   But yeah, last October 13th was my best friend, Dane's 18th birthday! And we had a small gathering for lunch at The Plantation, a small restaurant in Makati. They had delicious food, by the way. Whenever I see the photos (below) I can still feel my mouth watering! We were wearing dresses, or semi-formal attire just so we feel that it wasn't an ordinary birthday celebration, you know?
While waiting for them...
Hello Menu. :)
Pam looking at the menu while texting. ;)
Us three... (L-R: Me, Dane, and Pam) Jeck's not there yet.
Their cocktail menu... Just took a photo even though we don't drink. =))
Dane and Pam. :)
While waiting for Jeck. :)
The party don't start til' he walks in... =)) 
Me. ;D
Finally complete! The Dynamic Four (L-R): Me, Dane, Pam, and Jeck. :D
Carbonarra. :)
I forgot what this is called. :)) 
Pesto and Lechon. :)
Jeck and Shinji. :)
Cath (at the back) and Pau (the one smiling. Haha) :P
Don't worry, they're just friends. :P
My BIG BIRTHDAY CARD that I gave to Dane. :)
   After our meal that lasted for more than an hour since we had to wait for the others, and Dane opened our gifts... We started roaming around Makati, and into the malls. And then we spent time at Starbucks, just to chat and stuff. The others got Dairy Queen, but we still hung out at Starbucks. We were there for a while, and then Jeck and I had to go home since we had other places to go to. The others remained there since they watched "Perks Of Being A Wallflower." Truly, it was a great day for all of us, since it's been a while since we've been with each other. :)
Walkin'. (L-R: Dane and Jeck)
(L-R: Me and Pam) 

With Jeckybaby. ;)
Me with the birthday girl. ;)
Pam and me. :)
Me. :)
Dane... Looking at my food. =)))) 

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