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      I know it's been a long time since I did a Fashion Friday, but yes, I'm finally doing one again! :) So today (or tonight), I'm gonna tell you one of the things I love the most, and that is... SUNGLASSES.
     It's true! I wear one most of the time when I go out. I just love them... They complete my look like, all the time. And it's a good remedy too, when you had those sleepless nights, or you're just plain tired and stuff. :) Oh and if you have sensitive eyes too (just like me).
    Of course, there are types of shapes of sunglasses that suit our face. If you have a round one, don't pick round sunglasses. Pick the rectangular ones that make your face look longer. Or if you have an oval-shaped face, don't pick the ones that are too large for your features, etc. If you want to know more, click here! It'll help! :)
    Below are photos of me wearing sunglasses through the years...

Back in 09.

Back in 2011

Back in 2011
Back in 2011

Back in April, 2012
Back in April, 2012
Back in May, 2012 :)
Back in June, 2012
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