Music Monday!!

   This week, I can feel it's gonna be really heavy. Next week will be finals for school, and we've got tons to finish. And I'm honestly feeling under the weather today, I don't know why though. Today, I'm introducing you to the heavier (although this song isn't all that heavy, I think) side. You see, the previous week, I had put up a playlist full of rock music that I used to listen to back in 04' until now. But mostly, the ones up there are my favorites. And now, I know this song isn't old, in fact, it's definitely new. It's Flyleaf's new song called "New Horizons" Their new album will come out this October, and I seriously cannot wait! I've been their fan since I was eleven years old (around 2005), and I used to listen to their first album everyday!
   So here it is! :) Enjoy.

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