NSTP Immersion

   So this is the only time I can blog about last Saturday's (Oct. 06) adventure. This weekend has been a whirlwind. I told myself that I'd start studying but unfortunately, I couldn't because my sister with her boyfriend and their son, my nephew, came over. Yes, they distracted me, but I was having fun spending some quality time with them. :)
   Okay, so like I said, last Saturday, we finally had our Immersion. We went to Mexico, Pampanga early in the morning, and pretty much spent our morning and half of our afternoon there. We went to the "palayan" to get "kuhols" (snails) which are pests for the palayan! It was definitely crazy and muddy all at the same time! I mean, I've never tried that before, you know walking in the mud with your bare feet? Yeah, it was definitely crazy. After picking up snails, we went back and finally got to go the host family where we stayed for a few hours, trying to found out how they lived, and helping them with housework, etc. It was fun, exciting, and full of learning, because, I know, I can't believe I'm actually saying this but if it wasn't for NSTP we wouldn't get to know other people's reality, you know?
   Here are the photos!! Enjoy! :)

Me and Gertie! :) 

Walking towards the bukid! :)
Yeah, this was the time when I told myself that I should get my shit together and get on with it. :))

Yep... Not exactly cool. :)) 
First time everrrr.
While we were at the host family! Gertie with ate Lin and Katia. ;) 
On our way home...

   When we finally got back to school, I then headed to McDonald's to meet les bandmates! They were going to an audition there in La Salle's Battle of the Bands, and Berms called me up to watch. Unfortunately, I couldn't because I had to head home - since I was very tired and dirty. Nevertheless, I came to see them since some of us hadn't seen each other for a year or two! :)
    I seriously can't wait to play with them again, when I actually have time! :D

Paolo Bermal (He's on Rhythms) and Me. :)
Us, Meditate! :) 

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