Tell me where am I supposed to go...

   In my seventeen years of living, I have finally felt as if the world was coming to me. And I can say that in a good way and in a bad way - whichever way I want. How, you ask? Well, as I have said, since I am seventeen years old and I will be turning into an adult - legally - by next year, I am placed in between the adult world and the teenage world. And being in between those worlds, I cannot honestly say whether I am being the best of them both, because at some point or another, I commit mistakes and I sometimes fail - like any human.
   But the question is, does it sometimes confuse me?
   Yes... Yes it does.
   I mean, do you sometimes feel as if you want to do something, as if you want to come out of your little safe and secured shell, and just take risks and not care about life? Do you just want to be happy as if nothing bad's gonna ever happen? Yes, well... As far as my age goes, my maturity level is high enough that I can be an adult. And I'm not saying that to actually brag, but I'm saying it because it is the truth. My maturity might be beneficial, but it can also have its own disadvantages.
   You see, I am currently in a juxtaposition where adults treat me as if I was already an adult, and they somehow forget that I am still a teenager. They expect me to act like an adult - come up with everything in my willpower to come up with, and you know, deal with it, like a normal adult. And although I always told myself to somehow think a few steps ahead than everyone else, I guess that affected the way I actually think. But the thing is, I'm not an adult - yet, I mean. And it does get confusing and hard, because of the fact that you sometimes might fail and you disappoint people.
   And who would want to disappoint people, right?
   I know I don't. But I also know that you can't avoid that. Still, I do want to break out of my own little safe and secured shell and be carefree - without worrying of anything, and just be happy go lucky every once in a while - like a normal teenager. Yet, every now and then, those adults remember that I'm still a teenager, young and reckless and doesn't know anything in the world, and when they do, I know they underestimate me and my capabilities. Now, isn't that just unfair?
   Yes, it is.
    I hate the fact that they sometimes treat me as if I was a helpless child, doing nothing for anyone. Well, if they only knew. I mean, isn't that what we always say, "If they only knew?" But would that make any difference? I am placed in my best and in my worst, and there is nothing I can do about it but to deal with it - just like everything else. Should I say that it's the people's choice whether I am at my best or at my worst? Well, what I would really say is no. I'm not going to let people decide that for me, because I'll decide that for myself.
    And I would always choose to try my best because I am in my own world...

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