Happy Halloween! :)

   So yesterday, we went to my friend Jak's crib at Hillsborough Village, and we celebrated Halloween there like we always do. I know we were probably old to go out trick-or-treating, but we didn't care. As far as we were concerned, we love it, even though we weren't exactly wearing costumes. ;)
    Here are the photos... :)
Pauline and me. :) She's wearing my sunglasses and I'm wearing her hat.
Pauline and me again... That's Dane at the back. :)))

Walking to his house... :)) (That's Jak btw.)
Us three: Pam, Dane and Me. :)
Me and Lawrence. :)
Us... :)
Jak's house where Trick-or-treaters were already lurking. :))
Pauline and me again...
Lawrence, Pauline and me. :)

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