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   Yesterday, it was a Lazy Sunday. I did nothing. When I woke up, I ate breakfast, went back to the room and watched TV all day. So now, you probably understand why I have that as a title for this post. Nevertheless, I might've been holed up that day but apparently, How I Met Your Mother is my new best friend.
   You're probably wondering, "What the hell is she saying?"
   Well, you see, I have copies of How I Met Your Mother from seasons one to seven. Truthfully, I never got to watch it all until this year. I know, I suck, but I only started watching during season six, so obviously I just had to start over. And so I did... But the thing is, whenever I'm bored, sad, or just stressed out - but mostly whenever I'm bored and I have nothing to watch - I always watch How I Met Your Mother. Basically, it's my guilty pleasure. I randomly choose seasons, and randomly choose episodes, then I end up laughing at them because it's just a funny and an amazing show!
   But last Sunday? I was so bored, I nearly finished season one in one night! But hey, I have no regrets because I absolutely love that show, and it just never gets old! (Oh, and don't worry, I've finished it all, but I just keep watching it again and again.) If you haven't watched it yet, well, I must say you're missing a whole lot of fun!

   And if you're wondering if I'm doing alright since yesterday wasn't the only day I've been holed up here at home, well, I'll have to say that I am sort of doing okay. There are times when it can get lonely (because I'm not used to not socializing that much), but you know, I'll just have to keep it together. And yes, like any other human on this Earth, there are just some days when you can no longer keep it together, but after that so-called "moment" everything will go back to normal which is: keeping your shit together. Right?
   That's just what I'll have to do.
   Of course, I don't exactly want to spend everyday holed up like that. Yet, I feel as if I have come a long way, I finally got to taste a hint of exploration, I was finally taking steps ahead, but now, it seems as if I'm back to square one. And that just makes me sad for a moment or two, you know? I just want to go out, explore, and live up to my dreams.
   But things don't just go as planned, do they?
   Oh well, you never know...
   For all I know, How I Met Your Mother's just there for me to watch and give me laughs. ;)

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